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Rules of Library

All members/users making use of the available assets in the campus library must have regard to and respect for the library policies of the campus.

  1. Library Opening Hours: 7 A.M. - 8 P. M. in weekdays and 12 PM - 6 PM on Saturday
  2. Books Circulation : 7 A. M.- 7:30 P. M.
  3. All bags, Briefcases and personal belongings should be left outside the Library. Books as well as the personal files should be checked out from the checking counter.
  4. Body search can be done for those who is suspected of malpractice in the library.
  5. The member is expected to return borrowed books on or before the due date stamped on the date label in the book. An overdue charge will be levied for the late return of the book as follows: Up to 15 days Rs. 1.00 per vol. per day and for rest of the days Rs. 3 per vol. per day.
  6. If the due date lies during holidays or vacation period, the book should be returned to the library on the opening day. Failure to return on the opening day are subject to overdue fines of the holidays/ vacation period too. Books may be renewed if not required by other readers.
  7. Books should be returned within 14 days from the date of issue. Otherwise Rs 2/- per book per day will be charged as fine against delay deposition of books beyond the due date.
  8. Journals, Newspapers and reference materials are to be used only in the library.
  9. In case of loss of Identity Card, Duplicate Card could be made with a fee of Rs. 100.00
  10. The library books are for the benefit of not only the present but also the future members of the library. They should, therefore, be handled with every care and consideration.
  11. Food, drink and smoking are not allowed in the library
  12. Identity Card is not transferable.
  13. Identity Card should be returned to the library while obtaining library clearance.
  14. Those who tear out the pages from the magazine or book will have to pay a fine and the fine will be decided by the librarian.
  15. The following are the penalties for doing malpractice in the library:
    1. First Chance:
      • a fine of Rs. 1000.00 or the triple amount of the book which is going to be stolen; the higher is charged
      • Notify the Director, Student’s Affairs as well as in the Notice Board Inform the guardian
    2. Second Chance:
      • all of the penalties mentioned in (a)
      • suspension of the membership period for the remaining semester or year
    3. Third Chance:
      • all of the penalties mentioned in (b)
      • action to be taken for expulsion
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